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Emanuel Tannert

Emanuel Tannert

I’m a developer at unfun, working on frontend (JavaScript/HTML/CSS), backend (PHP, Python, NodeJS) and devops (shell and Python scripts, build systems, deployment, Apache configuration, tooling) stuff.

I think free/libre/open source software is a great idea. You can look at my humble repositories on GitHub. I like the shiny Apple products, too, but I still keep a ThinkPad with Ubuntu GNU/Linux around.

In 2014, I helped to found Edel Extra, a local art collective and exhibition space, and was member of the board for a year or so. Now I just keep their email accounts running. They do great work and are very nice, funny and inspiring people.

I have a band called König Schmierstoff where I play the ukulele. Actually, a baritone cigar box ukulele custom-made for me by Bastian Ortner.

My friend Lilly Urbat and me do a podcast about online culture (which sounds better than we just talk about whatever we like to). The podcast, named 404, has a website and a twitter account and a facebook page. Oh, and it’s in german.

In winter semester 2016/2017, I gave a course with my colleague Michael Seibert at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg about the (then) current aesthetics of social media. A result of the collective work is the website that can now be visited at

My email address is If you want to make me happy, send me encrypted emails—you can find my PGP Key here. The fingerprint is 39CF 615E 2428 C44C 0437 9131 FD44 5003 D434 E1DE.

You can also message me on Threema (my ID is SYSDTEKA) or Signal, or text or call me on my phone: +49.(0)176.82 26 55 57. And of course, I’m on Twitter and Facebook, too.