Emanuel Tannert


Emanuel Tannert

I develop Websites and -apps and sometimes tools for in-house use. I like to work with Linux and free and open source software in general. I’m working at unfun since may, 2015. In 2014 I co-founded Edel Extra. Also, I play the ukulele in a band called König Schmierstoff. My email address is post@etannert.de, the corresponding PGP-Key’s Fingerprint is 39CF 615E 2428 C44C 0437 9131 FD44 5003 D434 E1DE. Phone calls and text messages go to +49.(0)176.82 26 55 57. And of course, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and GitHub, too.


Websites I made or contributed to (selection):


An unusual project, this website has two backends. A WordPress installation delivering the bulk of the website, and the ClubPlaner (sic!), an internal organisational tool that provides the program feed. I am responsible for the connection of the data sources as well as frontend functionality like the cross-page scrolling, syncing of the menu, routing and asynchronous loading of content. The ludicrous design comes from unfun.


On-U Sound

My first project at unfun. A nice, simple website with a few well-placed effects. I contributed to front- and backend.



Nürnberg’s local painter, photographer and video artist Lukas Taschler actually coded up his website himself. I only showed him how to use Sublime Text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, bash, ssh, git and rsync. The result is well worth a look—an idiosyncratic site stuffed with little surprises.


Wild & Pöllmann

Wild & Pöllmann is a pr agency that doesn’t need a website to acquire new clients—or so they say. And that’s how the site turned out: a completely insane bunch of animated collages. Graphics and design by Andreas Weltner, photos by Jürgen Hinterleithner, code by me. Hint: The big headline on top is also the menu.



“Das Forum für die Popularmusikszene der Metropolregion Nürnberg”. It’s not getting any more complicated. Not a fair. Design by Lilly Urbat. For irreproducible reasons I chose Joomla! for the backend. I built the logo animation at the beginning with <canvas> and am still proud of it. Crazy scrolling, random colors and a hue-fading mood lamp style mourning border as a bonus. Not responsive.


Energie Concept/EC Mobil

Simple business websites for Energie Concept – Müller und Mühlbauer GmbH and their e-mobility department. Based on roots.io. No Designer involved.


Dr. Alfred Schuller

Plain business card for Dr. Alfred Schuller’s practice. All my work, except photos and copy.