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Emanuel Tannert

Emanuel Tannert

I’m a freelance Web Developer, very proficient in JavaScript, but also good in HTML, CSS, PHP, Python and shell scripting.

Since May 2019, I work for the Nuremberg Academy of fine Arts (AdbK) at the Leonardo center for creativity and innovation.

With Heyon Han, Leon Leube and Lilly Urbat, I do a podcast about art, technology and research, called

I have a band called König Schmierstoff where I play a custom cigar box baritone ukulele made by Bastian Ortner.

In winter semester 2016/17, Michael Seibert from unfun (my former employer) and I gave a course at AdbK which resulted in The Feverish Library.

I was a founding member of Edel Extra, an art collective and exhibition space in Nuremberg.

Email me at (PGP Key; Fingerprint: 39CF 615E 2428 C44C 0437 9131 FD44 5003 D434 E1DE).

Or text me on Signal, WhatsApp, Threema (ID: SYSDTEKA), whatever you like, or just send an SMS or call me: +49.(0)176.82 26 55 57.

And, of course, I’m on Twitter, GitHub, Instagram and Facebook, too.